Specialist in Wide Format Prints & SCANS

Our state of the art wide format printers/scanners provide outstanding image quality. Your prints are checked to ensure all graphics, shaded patterns and text generate correctly and if required, to scale.

Fast friendly service with most orders done while you wait!

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What can we do for you?

AutoCAD Plotting

Our Drafting Centre has the knowledge and experience to understand your design and printing requirements.


Construction drawings, plans, maps, documents, archival drawings, hand drafted drawings.

Convenient scan to dropbox available on request. Secure data wipe offered for sensitive materials.

Prefer to Hand Draft?

If manual drafting is your method of choice for producing construction drawings, our scanning services can be of immense value to you!

Snapshot Printing

Need to zero in on a section of your plan? Snapshot prints can be taken from a larger plan to help focus on a specific area.


Protect your drawings from the elements with a heat-sealed clear plastic film on both sides.

Special Media Printing

We have various media types to choose from for colour or monochromatic printing.

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